To define spacing between components you have an option to use a fluent-builder pattern. This way you can combine multiple spacings at once.

The following example will set the margins for mobile(xs) and desktop(md) breakpoints:

<CardBody Margin="Margin.Is2.OnMobile.Is5.OnDesktop">

Note: The same rules can also be applied for paddings.


Quickly and responsively toggle the display value of components and more with display utilities.

<Paragraph Display="Display.None.Block.OnFullHD">
    hide on screens smaller than lg


Similar to the spacing builder you can also define column sizes using the same pattern.

<Column ColumnSize="ColumnSize.Is4.OnTablet.Is3.OnWidescreen.Is12.OnMobile">


Quickly manage the layout, alignment, and sizing of grid columns, navigation, components, and more with a full suite of responsive flexbox utilities. For more complex implementations, custom CSS may be necessary.

<Div Flex="Flex.JustifyContent.Start">

<Div Flex="Flex.AlignItems.Center">


Use border utilities to quickly style the border and border-radius of an element. Great for images, buttons, or any other element.

<Span Border="Border.Rounded">Rounded</Span>

<Span Border="Border.Is1">Border on all sides</Span>

<Span Border="Border.Primary">Borders with primary color</Span>

Note: Please note that if your element doesn’t have any styles you will not be able to see any changes once you apply the Borders. You still need to add your own CSS rules like background-color so that visually you can see the applied borders on an element.


Use overflow shorthand utilities for quickly configuring how content overflows an element.

<Div Overflow="Overflow.Auto">...</Div>
<Div Overflow="Overflow.Hidden">...</Div>
<Div Overflow="Overflow.Visible">...</Div>
<Div Overflow="Overflow.Scroll">...</Div>

Breakpoints by frameworks

Blazorise Bootstrap Material Bulma
Mobile xs xs mobile
Tablet sm sm tablet
Desktop md md desktop
Widescreen lg lg widescreen
FullHD xl xl fullhd