Check component

The Check component is another basic element for user input. You can use this to supply a way for the user to toggle an option.


Note: As of v0.9 it is required to define Check value type by settings the TValue attribute.

<Check TValue="bool">Check me out</Check>


With bind attribute

<Check TValue="bool" @bind-Checked="@rememberMe">Remember Me</Check>

    bool rememberMe;

With event

<Check TValue="bool" Checked="@rememberMe" CheckedChanged="@OnRememberMeChanged">Remember Me</Check>

    bool rememberMe;

    void OnRememberMeChanged( bool value )
        rememberMe = value;


Name Type Default Description
TValue generic type   Data type of Checked value. Support types are bool and bool?.
Checked TValue default Gets or sets the checked flag.
CheckedChanged EventCallback<TValue>   Occurs when the check state is changed.
Indeterminate bool? null The indeterminate property can help you to achieve a ‘check all’ effect.
Inline bool false Group checkboxes on the same horizontal row.
Cursor Cursor Default Defines the mouse cursor based on the behavior by the current CSS framework.