Repeater component


The repeater component is a helper component that repeats the child content for each element in a collection.

One advantage over using traditional @foreach loop is that repeater have a full support for INotifyCollectionChanged. Meaning you can do custom actions whenever a data-source changes.


    <Repeater Items="@Items" Skip="@Skip" Take="@Take" CollectionChanged="@OnCollectionChanged">
    Task OnCollectionChanged(NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs eventArgs)
        // do something

        return Task.CompletedTask;


Name Type Default Description
TItem generic item type   The item type to render.
Items IEnumberable<TItem> null The items to render. When this is INotifyCollectionChanged it will hookup collection change listeners.
Skip long? null The number of items to skip before starting to render
Take long? null The number of items to render.
ChildContent RenderFragment<TItem>   The content to render per item.
CollectionChanged EventCallback<NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs>   Occurs when the Items collection changes.