Localization within Blazorise can be done in multiple ways:

  • By using ITextLocalizer and ITextLocalizerService.
  • By using custom localizer handler(s) TextLocalizerHandler

List of predefined language that comes with Blazorise is:

  • de-DE German
  • en-US English
  • es-ES Spanish
  • fr-FR French
  • hr-HR Croatian
  • nl-NL Dutch
  • pt-PT Portuguese

Note: If not specified, a default language(or culture) will be en-US.

In this guide we will explain both ways.


This is the preferred way and the easiest way of changing the components display text. To change a language you just need to inject ITextLocalizerService into your component or page and then call the ChangeLanguage method.


[Inject] ITextLocalizerService LocalizationService { get; set; }

Task OnButtonClick()
    return SelectCulture( "de-DE" );

Task SelectCulture( string name )
    LocalizationService.ChangeLanguage( name );

    return Task.CompletedTask;


TextLocalizerHandler handler is used to control the localization for each component individually. Once used it will override any localizations done by the ITextLocalizer or ITextLocalizerService.

While this is the good approach to handle localization, it is not very flexible since you need to do it on every component. But, for a quick override it is fairly easy. Just need to remember that.


<FileEdit BrowseButtonLocalizer="@((name, arguments)=>"My custom browse button")" />

Custom languages?

While Blazorise will have all standard languages built-in it cannot have every one out there. So, if you want to have your own language injected into the component you can add it with AddLanguageResource method, found on ITextLocalizer.


// By using FileEdit as generic typeparam, Blazorise will know
// what component need to update localization resources.
[Inject] ITextLocalizer<FileEdit> FileEditLocalizer { get; set; }

protected override Task OnInitializedAsync()
    FileEditLocalizer.AddLanguageResource( new TextLocalizationResource
        Culture = "pl-PL",
        Translations = new Dictionary<string, string>()
            { "Choose file", "Wybierz plik" },
            { "Choose files", "Wybierz pliki" },
    } );

    return base.OnInitializedAsync();

After that you just need to call ChangeLanguage on ITextLocalizerService as usual.

LocalizationService.ChangeLanguage( "pl-PL" );