v0.9.3 - patch 7 release notes

Lately all of our resources went to the work on new Blazorise commercial web. As a result, v0.9.3 patch took a little longer than usual but today we finally release it with all the reported bugs since last version.

If you’re not familiar please read about the latest changes in our previous post.

Change Log

  • #2268 SetDeltaAsync API in Rich Text control does not work (#2286 by @njannink)
  • #2324 Multi-select SelectedValues returns distinct values
  • #2321 PR: set dotNetObjectRef to null on dispose
  • #2280 Datagrid PageSize bugs
  • #2351 24 time format of TimePicker
  • #2413 DataGrid inline edit mode forgets text alignment settings
  • #2374 EditText/Tab Underline - Theme
  • #2395 Line charts throw error if dataset contains NaN data value