v0.9.4 - patch 5 release notes


Note: Soon after the release of, we have noticed a small issue in the NumericEdit component. We have fixed it and did a quick re-release with v0.9.4.6 so it is advised to update your packages.

Change Log

  • #2930 Can’t toggle Disabled status of DataGrid buttons (change from 9.3.10 to 9.4.0, repro available)
  • #2910 Carousel with only 1 item has a UI flaw
  • #2929 TextEdit numeric mask not working
  • #2932 Fix numeric borders when placed inside of the Addons
  • #2920 Mixed Chart without Line fill on chart redraw
  • #2913 Theme is not applied for Primary buttons in Modal
  • #2691 Switch sizes in material demo broken
  • #2944 Support for .NET 6 RC1
  • #2975 Empty Tooltip should not show
  • #2967 Decimals attribute bug in NumericEdit
  • #2924 pie/doughnut default callback
  • #2876 Numeric value does not handle values too low or too high for type TValue