v0.9.2 release notes


Who would have thought the new version would take so long to finish?! 😅 I definitely thought it would be a lot faster. Initially, 0.9.2 was planned to be a small milestone, mainly focusing on stability improvements and bug fixes, with a minimal amount of new features. For the most part, it’s still that way. There are some new features(more on that later), but the majority of work was focus on bug fixes and optimizations. But, as always, things happen.

First I started work on a new project(which is still a secret btw), and so I didn’t have that much time to work on Blazorise.

Second, a lot more people started to use Blazorise. Naturally, bug reports and feature requests kept piling up. As a result, I couldn’t say no every time, and I kept adding new tickets to the 0.9.2 milestone. I was constantly jumping between Blazorise and other project. Note to me - say no more often 🙃.

One good thing happened recently though. I started working with Volosoft on their open-source ABP framework to work on integration of Blazorise as the main Blazor UI for ABP. For the most part, their goal and my plan with Blazorise were on the same track so as a result, I managed to finish the Blazorise 0.9.2 milestone a lot faster than I would have done otherwise. Big thanks to my new friends at Volosoft!

And that concludes this section. It’s time to see what has changed.

Breaking changes

As always the first thing we need to do is to cover all of the breaking changes.

Update to .Net 5

It’s not really a breaking change but more of a warning. Currently, Blazorise works in multi-target framework mode, so both .Net Core 3.1.x and .Net 5 are supported in 0.9.2. This was needed so that people code would not break with the release and give people more time to upgrade their projects. But starting from the next 0.9.3 milestone, the plan is to completely go with .Net 5. A lot of new things are planned, especially implementing the new IComponentActivator. This is something I wanted from the first version of Blazorise and this feature alone will improve Blazorise considerably. Not to mention speed improvement and a possibility to add some long-standing features like constructor DI, custom component IDs, element refs, and a lot more.

So it’s advised to upgrade your projects as soon as possible. It would be worth it.

Property unification and custom input sizes

This was part of the biggest change in this release(but more on that in the feature section) and a lot of breaking changes are going with it. Namely by renaming some attributes or removing them.

  • Renamed Heading TextColor property to Color
  • Removed enums ButtonSize and ButtonsSize and replaced them with Size enum
  • <Divider> property Type renamed to DividerType?
  • Removed ModalSize.None
  • ChartOptions renames
    • AxeTicks to AxisTicks
    • AxeGridLines to AxisGridLines
    • AxeScaleLabel to AxisScaleLabel
    • AxeMinorTick to AxisMinorTick
    • AxeMajorTick to AxisMajorTick

Generic SelectList

The Select list is converted to a generic component to be more flexible. So now it’s needed to define TItem and TValue. eg.

<SelectList TItem="MySelectModel"
            SelectedValueChanged="@MyListValueChangedHandler" />

Major New Features

Custom Input Sizes

I already mentioned this in breaking changes section, but it deserves a further explanation. With this feature all input components and buttons now use the same Size enum. eg.

  • <Button Size="Size.Small">Hello</Button>
  • <TextEdit Size="Size.Small" />

It all started with #1131. Initially all I wanted was to remove sizes like ExtraSmall or ExtraLarge, but as soon as I started working I realized it’s better to keep them and instead have support for all sizes in all providers. But to have it supported by every provider it required a lot of work. Some providers like Bulma or AntDesign does not have sizes that matches Bootstrap, and vice versa. Not to mention Check and Radio boxes, Switch, or Pagination which almost didn’t have any sizes. A lot of manual tweaks and custom CSS styles were required. In the end I think it was worth it and hopefully people will appreciate it and work with it.

Bar Improvements

I think the work done by MitchellNZ deserves all the praise. Once again he selflessly worked to bring new features to the Bar component. The amount of work he put into this so far is astounding. I will just list some of the major features in this release.

  • Multi-level BarDropdownMenu
  • Closing of popup menu when clicked outside of it
  • Theming support
  • Bar sizing
  • …and a lot more

The full list of changes can be found at #1042

I cannot thank MitchellNZ enough times for all his work so far.


A community member, njannink, added support for RichTextEdit component based on QuillJS in his PR. It’s a really nice feature that was created even before 0.9.1 but since it was not stable enough at that time we decided to push it for 0.9.2 milestone. A lot of more work was being put into bringing it to finish and finally it was ready to be merged. So big thanks to njannink and hopefully this is not the last of his work.

The full usage and example can be found on RichTextEdit page.

DataGrid page sizes

Another nice feature by NoOneKnows92, one of our community members. The ability to define DataGrid page sizes and pagination placement. With his PR it’s now possible:

  • To have dropdown option to choose number of rows per page
  • Placement of pagination buttons(top or bottom)
  • Show page position and total number of rows

Big thanks to NoOneKnows92 for his work at this.

Maybe it is a small feature but a very useful. So far Blazorise lacked support for proper link buttons with <a> element. Not any more. With this release this is now possible and it’s very easy to use, eg.

<Button Type="ButtonType.Link" Color="Color.Primary" To="https://www.google.com/">Google</Button>

The link button will appear as regular button but will behave as an ordinary link or <a> element with href attribute. You’re welcome 😉!

Validation Improvements

Probably the most complicated part of Blazorise. And the one that happen to have most bugs and feature requests. A lot of improvements was done in this release that are not apparent at first.

  • Data-annotations are now working properly when Model changes
  • Ability to define custom EditContext for Validations component
  • Custom localization can be done with MessageLocalizer handler on Validation component
  • StatusChanged event added to Validation component
  • No breaking changes!

And a lot more of small internal improvements.

Other Features

  • #917 Allow Popup Size to be Set for DataGrid edit/new Modals
  • #918 DataGrid. Title property for modal dialog
  • #1064 DataGrid component editing mode needs to be customized
  • #1061 Alert visibility two-way binding
  • #1023 Add Stacked to chart options
  • #929 Theme Color Alpha
  • #870 DividerType in Theme DividerOptions
  • #934 DataGrid: Define default value for input on RowInserting
  • #949 Overriding NewCommand button in Grid
  • #998 Refactor the TextChanged mode for TextEdit and NumericEdit to be configured for each instance
  • #982 Is it possible to put an image in the datagrid Header instead of a string for the caption? similar to the new command in the DataGridCommandColumn.
  • #1089 Layout Improvements
  • #1084 Whole layout overlay
  • #663 Switch Component needs Color Property
  • #1204 Implement custom Check for Bulma provider
  • #1212 Implemented store on ListGroup and fixed Clicked event on ListGroupItem
  • #1205 Add Disabled property to Dropdown
  • #1179 Autocomplete - add local ChangeTextOnKeyPress property
  • #1177 Add Reset() method to FileEdit
  • #900 Size Helpers
  • #1087 Typography unification
  • #1243 Handle OnFocus Events on Inputs
  • #1152 Pop-Up Menu Width property in Vertical Bar
  • #1329 Added StatusChanged event to Validation component
  • #1343 Chart Ability To Remove And Set Data On Datasets
  • #967 DataGrid - Is it possible to force single-column sorting
  • #1000 DataGrid TextAlignment does not affect caption
  • #1390 BarLink Still Ignores Attributes
  • #983 Add multiline labels support for ChartJS component
  • #1129 Expose ColumnType in the Columns property of DataGridReadDataEventArgs

Bug Fixes

  • #1065 Bootstrap ModalContent generating invalid class name
  • #1043 Bar component : BarEnd is not pushed on right side if there’s no BarStart Element in BarMenu
  • #1011 Text-Alignment on DataGridCommandColumn seems not to work
  • #893 ColorEdit not aligned with horizontal label
  • #1008 Chart : still some references to Axe
  • #952 FileEdit does not show filename(s) after browsing
  • #1081 Addons with Select component not working for AntDesign
  • #857 Datagrid pager
  • #1069 The LayoutFooter component is not pinned to the bottom of the window
  • #1038 Sidebar under header
  • #1053 TextEdit jump caret to the end of the text for every typed char, when ChangeTextOnKeyPress is true
  • #1120 Material and eFrolic tab buttons don’t change cursor
  • #1149 Bug: DecimalsSeparator of NumericEdit does not affect Value
  • #1203 In DataGrid DisplayFormat disappears when Editing Inline
  • #1185 ListGroupItem Clicked event is not working
  • #1183 RadioGroup CheckedValue property change is not handled
  • #1262 Default column class-name needs to be removed in some cases
  • #1264 Fixed ListGroup selecting mode
  • #1093 Problem with vertical BarItem longer text
  • #1091 Bar expand/collapse not working on mobile devices
  • #1223 DataGridColumn Displayable=”false” shows column in DataGridEditMode.Inline edit mode
  • #1249 Non-displayable DataGridColumns are displayed when editing
  • #1092 Bar default vertical scrollbar in Firefox and Edge
  • #1114 BarDropdown is not working in Bulma
  • #1180 BarDropdownToggle component hover/click does not work over chevron icon
  • #1332 BarLink Ignores Attributes
  • #1335 DateEdit ignores Readonly attribute
  • #1384 nav-pills & nav-tabs should not be using together
  • #758 Optimize demo apps for mobile
  • #1433 BarDropdownItem Ignores Target
  • #1441 DataGrid pagination does not working
  • #1450 Validation issue in Blazorise 0.9.2 rc-2
  • #1461 Fixed row un-selection


The 0.9.2 release really shows how much Blazorise has grown. It has by far the most PRs from community members. A big thanks to all of them and for all the hard work!

  • #1022 Fix Convertor.ToDictionary for Arrays and Lists
  • #1023 Add Stacked to Axis options
  • #1055 Option to hide the toggle icon in a dropdown
  • #1070 DataGrid. Title property for modal dialog
  • #1071 DataGrid Popup sizing
  • #1077 DataGrid default value setter for new items
  • #1085 Add CaptionTemplate to DataGrid column header
  • #1090 Layout Improvements
  • #1082 Fix and extend data grid paging
  • #1098 Fix: Resolved Bar issue relating to recent Layout Improvements
  • #1097 Add color for switches
  • #1110 Adding some kind of lazy loading to the tree view
  • #1130 Page button documentation
  • #1161 Fix typo in ThemeContainerMaxWidthOptions
  • #1163 Fix typo in ValidBreakpoints and ValidContainerMaxWidths
  • #1159 Removed duplicate Info badge and pill from demo page
  • #1132 DataGrid validations
  • #1176 Add VisibleCharacters to NumericEdit (#1210)
  • #941 RichTextEdit based on QuillJS
  • #1227 Generic Typing for SelectList bound value
  • #1269 Remove a validation from the parent validation set when it is disposed (@Dedac and @peterlentine)
  • #1235 Ant design select component improvements
  • #1252 Adds focus events for all inputs
  • #1311 Vertical Bar fixes
  • #1279 Added support for DateTimeOffset conversions
  • #1302 Added ‘Disabled’ and ‘Clicked’-attributes to Tab.md docs
  • #1297 Update Slider value when dragged by mouse
  • #1303 Fix RadioGroup bindings
  • #1325 Fix for Displayable column in inline edit mode
  • #1271 Added the possibility to change the page size and the position of the pager.
  • 1344 Add SetData on BaseChart
  • #1356 Added sort mode to data grid
  • #1357 TextAlign also for the table header of data grid
  • #1375 fix bad author names in NuGet package


Working on Blazorise takes time and I have to make a lot of sacrifices to keep it free for all of you. My biggest wish is to work full time on Blazorise but until that is possible a little support is always appreciated. Consider becoming a Patron or donate via Buy me a Coffee or PayPal!

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Closing Words

What else is left to say? Other than thank you all once again! It was hard but fun ride, and to see how much Blazorise has grown recently it can only bring joy to my face. I’m happy to help all of you by doing my best.

Keep safe and see you next time! Cheers ☕