v0.9.0 - patch 2 release notes

A second round of the most critical issue for v0.9.0 is available. Bellow you can find the list of all bug fixes.

List of Fixes

  • #813 Bug switching switch in Ant
  • #817 Layout Offset not working in Ant
  • #819 Typo in forms
  • #820 Hover mouse change in Accordion Header
  • #818 Extra : in Ant Design
  • #821 Autocomplete not working in AntDesign
  • #831 Ant Card missing margins/padding
  • #669 Doesn’t work highlighting of the active page in the DataGrid
  • #840 FileEdit ChildContent is rendered twice
  • #846 SubItems not showing
  • #859 RadioGroup-Buttons rendering incorrectly with enums


  • #822 fix: Ant Design Layout offset builder
  • #823 fix: Make Ant Design collapse header clickable
  • #824 fix: Remove empty FieldLabels and replace with Offsets in demos
  • #833 Ant Design default row gutter to match Bootstrap

Closing Notes

I still plan to maintain v0.9 with regular patches. But the main focus is now on new v0.9.1. Hopefully it will not take too long 🤞

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