Blazorise 0.9 release notes

Time surely flies. It’s already being three months since the last major release. Many new components and improvements on existing components have being made.

Breaking changes

Before we continue it’s good to mention that with this release comes a lot of breaking changes. I know this is not a popular decision but Blazorise being still in development stage and 1.0 behind a corner I feel this is the perfect time to clean some decisions from the past and introduce some new APIs. So without further ado let us start:

Renamed properties

This is by far the largest refactor in this release and a lot of components are touched with this release. Basically this is one of the first issues created after the Blazorise was first released. Back then Blazor did not have case-sensitive support when naming components and properties. So whenever there was a clash like button and Button or disabled and Disabled it would just break. So I had to introduce prefixes to component properties like IsDisabled or IsActive. Personally I hated it but it was necessary back then. Now that Blazor has fixed this limitation it was the perfect time to also go through all of the components and remove the prefixes. As a consequence I think the API is now a lot cleaner and easier to write. Since the change is too big, listing every change in this post will not make too much sense. Instead you can go to this PR and see all changes listed.

Refactored components

  • SelectEdit component is renamed to Select.
  • CheckEdit component is renamed to Check to be more in line with new Radio and Switch components. It is also converted to generic component so existing properties like NullableChecked and NullableCheckedChanged are removed as they were not needed any more.
  • Property ColumnSize is removed from all input components(TextEdit, NumericEdit, Select, etc.). From now on column sizes must be defined on the container components like Field and FieldBody.
  • DateEdit is converted to generic component. Until now it was accepting only nullable DateTime? as a value. From now valid types are DateTime and DateTimeOffset, including nullable types. To upgrade all you need is to add TValue parameter, eg.

    <DateEdit TValue="DateTime">
  • Tabs component now uses new template parameters(Items and Content). While old examples will still work, it is advised to convert your tabs to the new structure as it’s much easier to define and handle.

  • It’s now preferred to place Field component inside of Validation container.

    <Validation Validator="@ValidationRule.IsEmail">
      <Field Horizontal="true">

Major new Features

AntDesign provider

The last CSS provider for Blazorise was implemented almost a year ago. In that time many people requested a new provider, but I didn’t want to do it as it would be too difficult to maintain additional provider considering the state of Blazor and Blazorise back then. A lot of things needed to be refactored and cleaned. So starting from v0.8 and up to v0.9, the main plan was to clean and refactor most of the things without breaking the API too much. The plan worked really well and I felt now was the perfect time to introduce new provider.

When I started working on AntDesign provider I quickly realized that I could not rely on their prebuilt JavaScript file as it was built with React in mind. So I scratched it completely and focused only on CSS part. Slowly I added components one by one and it started to make shape. Pretty soon I hit the next wall. Dynamic components like select, dropdown, slider, etc. are natively handled by JavaScript but since I could not use it I had to code them from scratch using only C#.

I have to admit the process was not easy, it was hard and it was stressful. But after many months and weeks I can finally say that we have new provider to choose. Was it all worth it? I must say it was, as I have also learned a lot in the process and also fixed and cleaned Blazorise API even further. Some of the components are now even easier to use than before.

I must also mention @MitchellNZ and all of his help in the last few weeks where he fixed many bugs within AntDesign and polished it before final release.

The setup for new CSS provider can be found on usage page.

Live Charts

This one took me a long time to build. I had to come up with a way to handle third party extensions made for Charts.js without breaking existing API too much. In the end API changed just slightly in terms that existing chart methods are converted to async.

  • void Clear() > Task Clear()
  • void AddLabel() > Task AddLabel()
  • void AddDataSet() > Task AddDataSet()
  • void Update() > Task Update()

This change allowed me better control over the chart data and it’s options. But that was just the beginning. Most of the things are done under the hood to allow dynamic changes on the chart data. Also it’s now easier to add custom plugins for ChartJS. First plugin I decided to add is the chartjs-plugin-streaming. With the help of this plugin your data can now be animated while data is coming or streaming.

It has it’s own NuGet package named Blazorise.Charts.Streaming, available here. The streaming API is fairly simple to use and you can found an example in the documentation on chart page.

File Upload

FileEdit component was created long time ago, but it wasn’t usable at all. After Steve Sanderson has posted file upload implementation on his blog I decided to give it a shot and include it into FileEdit. This component is based on his implementation but it isn’t a full copy. While Steve’s component worked on most of the files, it broke randomly on files larger than 25MB or so. I had to make some tweaks here and there and I managed to create a component that is capable of uploading files of any size. I must also give my thanks to @iberisoft for testing the component after my changes!

To learn more about file component please look at the documentation.

Another component that is made by the help of community post is the new Link component. The new component is used for any navigation on your SPA and also for anchor links on landing pages. The old LinkBase is removed and replaced with Link component. Please read the documentation to learn more.

There is also a great landing page theme made by @richbryant that can be found on GitHub and that is using a Blazorise Link component to make it work.


Originally this was not going to a part of v0.9. While I was working on provider for AntDesign, I liked how they had special layout component(s) to structure the page. I wanted to see how it would translate to Blazorise so I can use it instead of current custom structure in the demo app. It worked quite good, but I didn’t want to loose too much time working on it, so I just stashed it until later. At the same time @MitchellNZ opened new ticket with the request for the very same component(s). So instead, we both agreed for him to join me and to finish the Layout component. I must admit without his help this feature would be laying around for a long time. As a result it’s now part of a v0.9 and as a bonus with it the entire demo app is structured fully by Blazorise components without any help of native elements or custom CSS.

You can read more about how to implement the new Layout component system on its documentation page.

Radio and Switch

The new Radio and Switch components are based on the existing Check component. But since both of them have their own specific use cases I have decided to split them up. This allowed me to have more flexibility when defining specific features and styles.

Radio components are used to select one of multiple choices, so I have also introduced new RadioGroup component. The change is not just cosmetic as now the new group can act as a container for radios and it also supports validation.

Switch component was requested many times to be created. It is similar to Check component but is more suited to toggle the state of a single setting on or off.

Other components

TimeEdit is similar to DateEdit but is limited to only accept time as a value. Just like DateEdit it is also a generic component.

ColorEdit is a simple component around native element input type="color". For now it just shows default color dialog. In the future the plan is to expand on it and implement custom dialog instead of native (and ugly) one.

Slider reflect a range of values along a bar, from which users may select a single value. They are ideal for adjusting settings such as volume, brightness, or applying image filters.

Divider is a thin line that groups content in lists and layouts.


Just as in previous releases, DataGrid has received many new features. Without going into too many detail I will just mention some of the larger ones.

  • The first one to mention is the ability to sort multiple columns at once. Previously this was not possible due the limitations in mono runtime(used by web assembly).
  • Next on the list is the support for aggregate columns. It has all of the standard functions like Sum, Average, Min, Max, and Count. Full list of supported functions with the usage example can be found on the DataGrid page.
  • Added some new templates for previous and next pagination buttons.
  • New styling properties to allow custom classes and styles for rows, cells, header and filter.
  • Option to define custom filtering across multiple columns.

List of Features and Bug Fixes

  • #612 Make BaseAutocomplete.CurrentSearch
  • #358 Snackbar colors and theme support
  • #576 Snackbar Closed event
  • #570 DataGrid events converted to EventCallback
  • #296 Cleaned Tabs API
  • #549 CloseReason for closable components like Modal
  • #493 DataGrid multi sorting
  • #539 DataGrid sorting icon
  • #509 Limit NumericEdit max and min based on it’s value type
  • #516 DataGrid previous and next templates
  • #506 Support for MVVM with ICommand
  • #617 DataGrid Row click events
  • #681 Some Components can not be styled
  • #656 FileUpload does not allow ValidationErrors to be displayed
  • #668 Navigation marked as obsolete
  • #492 [DataGrid] Add First and Last pagination buttons
  • #529 DataGrid styling
  • #527 [DataGrid] OnSaveCommand not working when Data is used with EF
  • #633 DataGridColumn Filter Template (PR #639)
  • #491 [DataGrid] Add Alignment to column
  • #490 [DataGrid] Add Format attribute to DataGridColumn
  • #569 [Bug] Scroll problem with sidebar
  • #662 Possible memory leak on Dispose
  • #657 Size-attribute conflict in <Select> component
  • #394 Custom filtering for DataGrid
  • #489 [DataGrid] Aggregate columns
  • #722 .b-body-layout is not working Bulma
  • #571 Prevent users from injecting their own components
  • #677 Slider component not initializing as expected with values over 100 (#727)
  • #351 Automatically set Breadcrumb active state based on navigation URL
  • #605 Option to control data-grid column visibility in display mode
  • #627 DataGrid Filter box placement #742
  • #575 Adding @attributes to Blazorise.Components such as SelectList
  • #514 [Clean] CascadingParameter access modifiers
  • #522 [Refactor] Convert all components to partial classes
  • #424 Tabs documentation doesn’t match Tabs Demo (documentation solution doesn’t work)
  • #521 [Clean] DropdownToggle and BarDropdownToggle
  • #507 BootStrap Alert Close Button
  • #259 Tab not work with blazor preview 9
  • #744 Feature Request: Ability to disable tabs


I must mention @DarthPedro and all of his work. This guy has restructured Blazorise solution, written new unit tests, helped clean existing E2E tests and on top of that, he has done full CI/CD integration. I must admit, I consider him not as a contributor but as a part of a team. Pedro, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I already mentioned @MitchellNZ and his help with AntDesign and documentation. This guy learned Blazorise internals really fast and just blew my mind with how good his work is.

Many new contributors also helped with this release. Big thanks to all of you guys!

  • #623 Use Tab key for Autocomplete selection
  • #685 Grid/Row Gutter
  • #639 DataGridColumn Filter Template
  • #699 Fixed minor issues in RadioGroup tests so that they pass
  • #702 Refactoring the Tests folder into Tests & Demos
  • #703 Layout additions and fixes
  • #713 fix: add back sticky header & scrollable sidebar
  • #727 Fix slider initial value ignoring max
  • #615 Add DisplayGridColumns parameter (#730)
  • #726 Added DateEdit tests
  • #736 [AntDesign] fix: ant card image/cover
  • #737 [AntDesign] fix: progress bar
  • #742 fix: insert empty cell when DataGridColumn Filterable is False
  • #688 Updated contributing doc to include steps to setup development and testing environment.
  • #719 Added unit test project for Blazorise
  • #748 fix: Ant Design TableRowHeader
  • #749 refactor: Collapse component away from Card dependency
  • #752 docs: small changes & added grid docs

Closing Notes

What’s comes next. For start, I will rest for a few days. Play with my son. Maybe turn on Switch and play some LoZ: Breath of the Wild. Read some book. I need to clear my head from Blazorise a little :) After that I will slowly start planning for the next release. Obviously there will be new bugs introduced with this one. So, yeah a lot of work is ahead.

Anyways, this post is already too long so I don’t want to make it any longer. Go, download Blazorise, fix all the breaking changes, report any new bug to me. Also ask for help if anything is not clear.

And as always if you enjoy working with Blazorise please leave a star on GitHub or click on the star-badge bellow. Also consider becoming a Patron or donate via Buy me a Coffee or PayPal!

Big thanks to everyone who come this far!